Adult Late Night Games WHOLESALE CASE LOT $2440 value

From the 1990's these are all unopened, with the original shrink wrap. Long OOP, there are 4 case lots of 12 each (48) and 13 loose packs, never opened.

"Just when you thought it was time to go to bed... the perfect way to round off an evening! ADULT game pack is imported from England and is BRAND NEW, still sealed in the factory wrap!

This collection of 21 excellent games can be played with 2 to 20 players (some boxes branded with 3 to 20 players) and will keep everyone guessing, laughing, weeping, or doing unspeakable things on the carpet!

All you need is a motley collection of consenting adults with more staying power than sense, and you're in for the night of your life! Serious fun fun for seriously fun loving adults who just don't know when enough is enough!"

Games include:

Pucker and Suck
Forbidden Fruit
Touch and Feel
Cheek to Cheek
Hot and Bothered
And many more!

These are long OOP and If you search for "Late Night Adult Games Lagoon" on Ebay you will find a couple of other sellers in the UK and Australia who are selling these for around $40 EACH including shipping to the USA, which would put the value of this lot of 61 at $2440.

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