16mm film and equipment

Films include educationals, features, TV shows, home movies and  cartoons.  There are many rare prints like old declassified military film,  Star Trek episodes, Lost in Space,  Barbarella in Cinemascope,  Rocky Horror Picture Show, Superman: The Movie, Superman TV episodes, commercials, home movies as old as the 1920’s, Wonder Woman episodes with Lynda Carter, the Mary Tyler Moore Show, films from an adult theater in Brooklyn that shut down in the 1970’s, and tons of TV and theatrical trailers.

There are educational films ranging from the 1940’s – 1970’s and include topics such as VD, school bus safety, health, driver’s ed, seatbelt safety, drugs, hygiene, manners, bicycle safety and much more.

Titles such as:

“Radioactive Fallout and Shelter: Surviving in a Nuclear War”
“Faces in Crashes”
“Be Courteous” from 1940
“Assessment of Suicide”
“Stranger than Sci-Fi”

These films feature James Brolin, Bill Cosby, Bill Bixby, Walter Cronkite and others!

114 Mary Tyler Moore television series episodes, 280 educational films, features, shorts, cartoons, television, public service announcements, internal company movies, newsreels, shipping boxes, leader, projectors, screens and much more.    Almost 600 films + tons of supplies!

Please email logan@logantrade.com with your questions or you can visit http://16mmsale.com for more pictures and a list of films.


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